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when a person is so fat, it causes the edges of their gooch to bunch up and hang down forming titties on their gooch, almost like a pair of meat curtins, but on the gooch
ninja: dude that chick was fatter than hell

folgers: yeah and i think i saw her gooch boobs

ninja and folgers: word.........
by ninja and folgers May 12, 2009
a crab that has migrated from the nappy gooch to the warmer area under the clitoral hood.
amanda: "my cunny itches i think i have a clitter bug."

ali: " but wouldnt that feel good?"
by ninja and folgers May 07, 2009
When the male partner is having a hard time penetrating the anus and decides to back off and get a running start, therefore generating enough force to tackle the bung.

A.K.A. the Asshole tackle
folgers: dude what did you do yesterday?

Ninja: well i was banging that chick from sheetz and she had a tight ass so a had to give her a bung tackle!

by ninja and folgers May 07, 2009
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