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32 definitions by nick_g

A second refridgerator, usually kept in the basement or garage of a house
There's another six pack in the beer fridge downstairs.
by nick_g June 22, 2011
17 4
A large hit of pot which makes you cough & really gets the THC into your lungs (often done intentionally).
I'm gonna take another hit, and this one's gonna be a cougher.
by nick_g July 10, 2010
14 3
A question with an obvious response.
Dude 1: Will you take the money?

Dude 2: Yes I will! It's a no brainer.
by nick_g August 12, 2011
23 13
a large fuss
The solution is simple, don't make such a brew haha over it...
by nick_g July 11, 2011
14 4
(adj) very much alchoholically intoxicated
He is so short bused that he couldnt even remember his own name
by nick_g October 01, 2010
12 2
small amounts , usually added bit by bit over a long period of time
I plan to repay the whole debt with just dribs and drabs over the next two years.
by nick_g July 28, 2010
12 2
To accidentally get rid of something good while getting rid of something bad.
Don't throw the baby out with the bath water by putting your money into that bank
by nick_g August 04, 2011
10 1