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The infamous walk to your associates location. usually with a large grin on your face. over eccsessive giggling will most likely occur. this walk can also described as a car ride, bicycle ride, or any other mode of common transportation to the current location of your horny ( sexually aroused ) associate,otherwise known as your sex partner.
associate:hey baby you wanna come over soon?my vagina needs your small ding ding inside of it.

guy: alright baby, ill be over soon.

- hence, resulting in " The Sex Walk "
by nick barke and austin kaspor April 09, 2009
when riding in a motorized vehicle, hopefully with people you know, you are at a stop light, stop sign, on the highway, or just driving to your local convienent store to grab a slushy and some hot cheetos.. while in the car you see a different vehicle either on the road or parked in a near by lot for parking and the color of this vehicle is yellow, like a banana. hence the term, banana yellow. the first human to see this yellow vehicle yells out, " banana yellow" and hits every body else in the vehicle they are traveling in. if this person does not want to be hit back he or she says "banana yellow, no banana back" hence, resulting in a successful banana yellow attack. ah yes.
* in car *

-Person1: " banana yellow, no banana back"( hits passenger(s) next to him)

and laughs histerically saying" yess nigga yess i got you"
by nick barke and austin kaspor April 09, 2009
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