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a fruit booter is an inline skater
i am proud to be a fruit booter
by nick alvinator October 07, 2004
instead of hottie use hawtie
nick alvis is such a hawtie
by nick alvinator September 30, 2004
An internet connection which is not worth paying for. It is incredibly horrible and I have the disease of dialup. :(
- Dude your computer is slow
-- dialup
- ohhh
by nick alvinator January 12, 2005
to let a fart or rip some ass
damn did you let an air-snide?
by nick alvinator October 06, 2004
To fart so hard you shit yourself.
Yesterday I hepied and shit all over the place.
by nick alvinator October 15, 2004
a weird comical gesture
I dropped my baby! Flarp!
by nick alvinator January 19, 2005
a creative name for america that is now racist. when did it become cool to be racist.
its has always been cool to be racist. EMERIKKKA!
by nick alvinator October 08, 2004

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