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An Alien Life Form from the planet Melmac with an appetite for cats'. It's hieght is around midget and it is covered in brown fur. To this day only one has ever been seen, yet numerous items have been produced bearing it's image such as lunchboxes, backpacks, magazines, etc. While known for his "Yo Willie" catchphrase ALF also was a master of disguise thus explaining why the Ochmoneks never caught on.
stoner 1: "Dude look at that big ass brown cat on t.v."
stoner 2: "Hey man, that ain't no cat, that's an alf."
stoner 1: "What's an alf?"
stoner 2: "You know, Gordon Shumway."
stoner 1: "Oh yeah, wait what were we talking about?"
stoner 2: "I don't know but look at that big ass brown cat on t.v."
by Nick Bockwinkle April 12, 2008
The greatest hockey game ever created for the Sega Genesis.
"Dude, last night on NHL '93 I made Gretzky bleed on the ice, and took the Whalers' to the cup!"
by Nick Bockwinkle March 29, 2008
Another term for a bra sized 'double A'.
me: "That girl doesn't look that bad."
brian: "Too bad she's sporting that battery bra."
me: "Yeah, but I'd still hit it."
b: "Me too."
by Nick Bockwinkle April 12, 2008
The art of David Sterns' NBA where black millionaires are encouraged to entertain their white owners by jumping and tapping the basketball around until one of them is able to dunk. Jump shooters need not apply.
man 1 "Did you catch the Knicks vs. the Bulls last night?"

man 2 "Yeah, but after the first bricked jump shot it turned into african volleyball so I shut it off."
by Nick Bockwinkle April 12, 2008
1. An uncontrollable urge to carry large amounts of money in brown paper bags and frequent strip clubs for dinner at 3 in the morning.
2. The ability to be arrested 12 times, yet never see the inside of a jail cell.
3. Waste of talent.
exe 1=guy1: Yo dog, whatchu do last night?
guy2: Hit up the atm and went Pac-man Jonesing for some seafood.
exe 2=guy1 Yall heard 5-0 got Trey last night red handed?
guy2: Shit, that muthafucka gonna Pac-man Jones them charges.
exe 3=M.C. Hammer,"I remember when I was popular, then I just Pac-man Jonesed it all away."
by Nick Bockwinkle March 29, 2008
A person that has the innate ability to blow a lead no matter how many runs you are up.
"Did you see rollercoaster jones blow that save last night?"

"Yeah, I fucking hate Todd Jones!"
by Nick Bockwinkle April 01, 2008
The act of blowing your load in your' still sleeping girlfriends eye.
"When I woke up this morning with morning wood that bitch was still sleeping, basically begging for the salty alarm clock."
by Nick Bockwinkle March 30, 2008
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