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home of the saami/laplanders. they are the indigidious/native peoples of northern europe. they heard raindeer in the north often (not being a stereotype), they wear very colorful things for only traditions. they usally wear just regular things at normal time. it is very cold in the winter/fall and cool/warm in the spring/summer. the exact countries they are from are russia, alaska, norway, sweden, and finland. mainly norway though. acually, the saamis dont like being called laplanders. they consider it a slur name for their ethnic group. it doesnt always snow there, but often it does. they did not first come from asia, you know. they all have asian in them, but came from present-day southern europe. those people later migrated to europe after handling a trip to asia. they are the eskimos/native peoples of norway/the rest of the saami regions.
i am part saami all that i have said was correct information with all evidence. my ancestors came to america somewhere around 195 from lapland.
by nice job June 17, 2007

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