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2 definitions by newwaveknight

A phrase originally coined by Guile from the Street Fighter video game franchise, it was his tag line after defeating an opponent. Over the years, it has come to be used also when referring to someone who is past their prime at whatever it is that they should do.
Steven: "Hey, did you watch TNA Impact last week?"
Michael: "Yeah, I can't believe they had Ric Flair's 60-year-old ass wrestling again. He's way past his prime He should go home and be a family man."
by newwaveknight January 23, 2011
Yes, in the fashion of using superhero names for methods of further degrading women, there is a way to "iron man dat hoe." Here are the steps to do so.
1) find a good size jar to keep your cum in.
2) fill it. this may take days.
3) put it in the fridge.
4) pour it on a women's chest. when it dries and hardens, you've officially "iron manned dat hoe".
(In a non-existant Soulja boy remix):

"Crank dat soulja boy den iron man dat hoe."
by newwaveknight May 11, 2008