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a form of music that went underground in the late 80's after getting all popular. was reborn in the 90's as house music and is still going strong in todays rave scene.
"4 on the floor and a coke-artia in my hand. grooving to some dico house."
by nate_napalm May 20, 2003
ROMP.COM the man invinted the dilz:: he is all knowing, seek jake's knowledge
by nate_napalm May 07, 2003
you spilled some cocaine on the table, but you dont want to waste it! WHAT DO YOU DO? duh... break out the mararita glasses, lick the rim and dip. fire up the blender and -voila- the best godamn drinks this side of delaware. salt is for pussys.
"what are you a fucking narcotics agent! get the margarita glasses bob, phil spilled cocaine all over the coffe table again..."
by nate_napalm May 13, 2003
when all of your freinds get together and kick your ass on your birthday. kind of like that movie colors, but w/ less bandanas and no one screaming vato.
pay the debt or me and my "assosiates" will arrange a little south shore birthday for ya stoogie.
by nate_napalm May 07, 2003
this crazy candian bich told me its when you and your feinds sit on the floor @ a party and take GHB hits untill you cant stand up again. G Holes. she was on 10 hits of acid at the time, and shes candian so i dont know how creditable this is. use at your own risk.
"go date rape yourself fucktard. i think i see a ghole w/ your name on it over there..."
by nate_napalm May 14, 2003
when homeboy the newb DJ trys to mix some beats together and it sounds like shoes in the dryer. its painfull. it really is.
by nate_napalm May 13, 2003
plastic figures you put on your dash board with springs in theyre heads. amuseing when you go over pot holes, but a little creepy because they always look like theyre stareing at you... even when bobbleing..
"you can tell chris has had too many coke-aritas when he starts to bobble head"
by nate_napalm May 14, 2003

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