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3 definitions by nate hawthorn

Where one's testicles hang so low that they swing between its owner's two legs like the pendulum of a grandfather clock.
Scott: how come we never go to the pool dude?
Jose: I have Grandfather Clock Syndrome
by nate hawthorn June 29, 2009
The possession of vitality and great force, usually reserved for sex and high-fives.
Guy: dude, I just gave Terry some of my massive NRG and she was pantin on da floor
Friend: dude that was so wicked, now give me some of dat massive NRG!
by nate hawthorn June 29, 2009
The juiciest, plumpest, most supple breasts from which the fluid of life flows. (None of that veiny shit.)
Guy: dam shit man i just grabbed me some well good pompalankas
Friend: well i just munched a minge
by nate hawthorn June 29, 2009