11 definitions by nate dogg

when you think of cheemo one thing should pop in to your head ....... neemos cuzin.
cheemo is neemos over weight cuzin who ate neemos little brother teemo so neemo dont like cheemo any more..
by Nate DogG August 24, 2003
Duck-feeding simulation available for old computers which can be sold for $15.00 at certain garage sales. Realistic duck-feeding action.
This is the greatest thing in the world.
by Nate Dogg September 11, 2003
origanly said by snowman from smoky and the bandit
for sure for sure bandit we got a 1040 on the east side of texas
by nate dogg March 16, 2005
Mutha Fuckin' Chessin - Saying that something is crunk
That ride with the 23s is MFC.
by Nate Dogg January 25, 2004

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