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Chick who likes to ride Harley Davidson and is a Babe, but in a cool, suave, sexy bitchin way ! Not yur average boring barbie !
Michelle Smith is the most bitchin Harley Babison, sexy on that streetglide with her a$$Less chaps...She likes riding dirty ;)
by natachas db May 12, 2011
confused about wearing orange or green on st.pattys day and take then next available option to make out with your irish girl friend
I wore green and orange to that st.pattys party and had a bi-irish encounter as well
by natachas db March 18, 2011
When somebody does your line and leaves you with nothing.
Hey Hoover, you left me lineless on that plate !
by natachas db May 11, 2011
When on holidays and consuming mass quantities of alcohol and cocaine.
Dragging my ass after Alcoballidays, ate jack shit, drank tons and my nostrils have become one....Costly but fun :)
by natachas db August 22, 2011

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