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The American Embassy School (an international school in New Delhi, India) is comprised of a bunch of tools who like to wear converse and aviators(even indoors...yeah their douches) and listen to Bob Marley because for some reason everyone here believes that they are one of his lost sons. Outside excursions include shady bars such as Haze, RPM, Hookah, and The Gem because people here are too cheap and don't mind spending 30 rupees on shots that may or may not contain nuclear waste. You are either a hippie stoner, a nerdy stoner, a preppy stoner, or a Mormon. People are extremely diverse, we have one black person and we fire people for being gay. Popular lingo that travels around the hallways include: maan (like the way our best friend Bob Marley says it), fuck that shit, FML (because fmylife.com is trendy now), lets get fucked up! (every frikin day of the week). Don't worry, you'll probably develop an immunity to the smell of weed by the time you graduate.
*in the nurses office at the american embassy school on the morning of 420*

nurse (looking at the huge line of students): boy, its seems like everyone needs eyedrops this morning.
by naimonmarcus May 02, 2010

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