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a word William Sledd (a youtube star) created with his friend Lindsay.

There is no excact definition, William Sledd defined it as " i dont know what it means, but it sounds a lot better then christmas!" :P

I think bitchmas means something like christmas just with green christmas hats. from victoria secret.
Bitchmas colors are pink and green,
and Santa Clause is called "my bitch"

watch link for the video, remove the stars.
"Merry Bitchmas Bitches"
by nadiaox December 26, 2008
"So you think you can dance canada" is just a copy of
"So you think you can dance" which was made in the states. (so kind of canada trying to be like the states) !

So you think you can dance Canada is hosted by Leah Miller, there are four judges. So you think you can dance is a competion where they have partners, etc!
So you think you can dance canada
Tre Armstrong , Jean Marc Genereux ,Blake McGrath , Luther Brown !
by nadiaox December 26, 2008

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