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The feeling you get after engaging in heated exchanges on your or someone else's Facebook walls.
I faceregret that I called you a stinking selfish pig. I misread your earlier comment.
#public fumble #wall annoy #misgiving #social media remorse #face bitter.
by mzmcgee23 September 28, 2013
What comes out of your mouth upon reading or seeing something so offensive on your newsfeed it makes you rage at your screen, which is largely innocent.
When I clicked on the link about her book condoning marital rape, I couldn't stop screenscreaming at my laptop.
#media rage #link shock #newsfeed eruption #computer outburst #data convulsion.
by mzmcgee23 September 28, 2013
When you are at a poetry slam competition and there are so many poems performed you worry that it is somehow going to create a blood clot in your brain
During the last round of 25 poets I had a sudden blinding headache and worried I might have developed a slameurysm.
#art stroke #poet clot #festival vascular accident #migraine of metaphors #hysteria of hyperbole
by mzmcgee23 October 14, 2013
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