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Kid Neffie is an amazing dancer who does jerkin, tutting, robotics, choreography, hip hop, and electro. Neffie is a word that means Unique. Kid Neffie is very unique. Kid Neffie is single, a dancer, an artist, and a producer. Kid Neffie for short is Neffie, he uses words like bro, dope, going hard, aye, and many other slang words. Neffie is a strong believer in god who gives all achievements to the one above. Neffie also means you dont give a *u*k about a hater because you got the biggest swagg in the world. Neffie can be meant to be yourself. Kid Neffie can be found on twitter @itskidneffie
Youtube.com/user/itskidneffie kid neffie channel
by mysteriously cool June 17, 2011
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