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1 definition by mysteria4

billons of laughs, loves to sing ALOT, amazingly random, youtuber, sir-cough-alot, godly (loves god alot), has a fun life, has lame hair until she straightens it then its amazing, has rain boots, dresses up very weird, gives very good advice, accepts ppl for who they are, is a good actress, cant type without messing up every second, loves chucks (the shoes), caring, flirts alot, sleeps alot...not an early bird, says random weird things, can be very creepy, over exaggerates alot, thinks about death alot, loves food (pizza), a jazz addict, doesnt think quietly, sorta impatient, has amazing eyes, a pretty smile, makes lame jokes that ppl dont laugh at, shuts ppl down!, big boobs, no butt, pale as freakin crap, big feet, soft skin.....sometimes, likes musicals, less than threes thurmans, has a billion friends, and plenty more,
thing 1: i wanna be a heather...but...im a guy

thing 2: get away from me weird-o (thinks to himself i wanna be a heather too)
by mysteria4 June 10, 2009