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people need to fucking stop stereotyping about what they think is scene emo indie hardcore etc yea you'll say we all look the fucking same but dude every group of peopple or friends has some type of style thats what makes it a group something unique if how we dress is a little more outrageous than you who fuckin cares were not fucking hurting you get a life and get over yourself youre not better tahn anybody else no matter who you fucing are im tired of all the stereotypical cliche labels people are giving each other when you were born you were given a name thats your label not scecester emo kid or even prep jock wiger nigger so on stop fucking hating on the people you dont know but wish you could somehow be like and get a fucking life
gay ass prepp- emo kids are so gay

'scenester'- shut the fuck up and stop fucking labeling people
by myspace.com/marisaxturner July 24, 2006
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