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Someone who steals or copies someone elses style, slang, ideas, way of dress etc.
Like say i buy something first or do something first and you see me wearing what i brought or do what i did and you like it, then you turn right around and buy what i brought or do what i did thats what a swagger jacker is ya digz.
by myspace/gperico February 16, 2007
Same as a h-o-e or a slut or skeezer or a slide. someone who is easy access aka ea sports. it's hard for them to keep their legs close.
Like say you just met her and slide her to the crib for a quickie you kick her out someone else hollas at her bags her up real quick and he slides her to his crib for a quickie then he kicks her out and the next dude bags her up not knowing shes a smut slides her also the first time meeting her but thinks she just let him have sex so quick cause he thats nikka lol
by myspace/gperico February 16, 2007

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