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One of the crapiest crap ass crap bands to walk the planet. Psuedo emo, mostly pop-punk driven. They think they're punk, but, I'm sorry to say, they are not. They suck, and Dance Dance is one of the most irritating songs I have ever had to live through.
FOB fan- DUDE Fall Out Boy Rocks! I love them!
Real punk fan- FUCK YOU! YOU SICKEN ME!
by mypinkninja December 22, 2005
A singer and self proclaimed punk, who sadly, along with Sum 41 and Simple Plan, has given canada an extremely bad image in the "rock" world.

Although she's cleaned up her image in the past little while, most likely to please the public, she will always be that "wanna-be punk" from Napanee Ontario who was discovered by Shania Twain.

Avril has a cult following of ten year olds who wear ties and think life is complicated.

We know you could be his girlfriend Avril, but he doesn't want you to be...
To become Avril Lavigne:

slap on about ten layers of eyeliner.
tell the world you're PUNK RAWK and tell little girls to emulate you.

you're an avril
by mypinkninja April 12, 2007
an annoying boy or girl that spends their time complaining about the world they live in saying that "nobody understands them" and that "they aren't accepted"
An emo kid listens to emo music suck as Coheed and Cambria, or Fall out Boy, etc.
An emo's characteristics:
Thick rimmed square black glassses
tight pants
stud belt
emo kid- my life sucks man. I hate it. nobody understands me! i'm going to go self mutilate now. *tears*
Other emo kid- Dude! i feel your pain. here are some tissues. make sure you clean the blade when ur done. Nobody wants blood all over the place now do they?
by mypinkninja December 23, 2005

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