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A mild form of stalking which occurs when a dog makes its owner feel uncomfortable by acting weird, sketchy or creepy; staring at the owner for extended periods of time, following the owner from room to room, always wanting to be in physical contact with its owner, obsessively licking and smelling the owner, physically crying when the owner leaves the home.
My Chihuahua is such a dog creeper. Every time I look up she is always close by, sitting and staring at me.

Seriously, my dog must be the creepiest dog creeper ever. I would let her sketchy ass sit next to me all the time if she didn't act all creepy when she did. Bitch is always licking on me like I am a lollipop, and of course you can see in her eyes that it turns her on.
by mydogsgonecrazy November 07, 2012

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