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Verb: meaning to cruise for immediate sexual pleasure without commitment. Common usage for anonymous sex within the gay community. Often characterized by an older man, seeking a younger man, or any man for immediate, often anonymous sexual contact.
That old queen circling the park in the Land Cruiser is just a fucking troll.
by mybluemake March 21, 2005
A predicatable departure from the defined UFIA (Unsoliciate Finger in Anus), a popular slang acronym found in discussion threads in the Farkropolis and the TotalFartopia of Drew Curtis' weird news agreggator website, fark.com. This derivation means "insert finger in anus." In many ways it has risen above the denotative meaning and has become an expletive acronym much like the FUBAR of yore.
Missouri National Guardsman stationed in Iraq: Man this is fucked up! One weekend a month, two weeks a year is bullshit! That recruiter really IFIA'ed me!
by mybluemake March 26, 2005
the kinda woman you fuck only after 20 Pearls, or a lot of porks skins & acid.
"You didn't hafta big-mac-&-six-pack that cavehog, just give her a ride home"
by mybluemake February 06, 2005
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