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An extremely stunning woman! Often have brown hair, well built and the kind of classic beauty that every guy wants. Very common name among teenagers. A fascinating preson, very easy to talk to. Lots of friends and few close friends. Not likely to be seen in a group of more then 10-15. Often the person that many people go to for advice. Will give you all her trust, but once it's broken it's hard to regain. Sometimes very particular about who she is in a relationship with. Often sticks to the same taste when it comes to boyfriends. Is the kind of girl that wants a man to treat her like a princess, not a piece of meat. Will be-friend anyone but often attracts very creeper/stalker-ish guys. Very fun personality, loves to laugh and very fun to be around. Usually the comedian of the group. Go out and find yourself a Madison!:)
Guy 1: ddaayyyyuuumm! Did you see that fine ass piece of gurrl just walk byy?

Guy 2: Bro! Thats Madison. Shes one finne piece of worrk! Mm Id love to have one of them!
by my_m!lk$h@ke_br!ngs_the_b0y$ August 24, 2011
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