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4 definitions by my pseudonym

Kurt Cobain was the leader, singer, guiterist, and songwritter for Nirvana. He inspired millions of teens and spoke to our souls. He had a true talent and it was a huge loss when he was murdered so young in life.
Kurt Cobain was a musical genius.
by my pseudonym March 06, 2005
49 31
A Fetish that uses objects known as pie for endulgence.
Dude, have you seen the pie?
by My pseudonym March 10, 2005
5 15
The time of day, usually late afternoon, when the sun hits and everything is golden. It's the perfect time to take pictures when the lighting is right.
I took her picture at magic hour, she looked enchanting.
by My Pseudonym January 05, 2006
16 32
A term used when a spot has been blown.

A sound to signify you or someone else has been insulted.
Chris: "I tried making out with her last night at the party but she laughed and walked away"
Dave: "Yeah she thought you were gay this whole time."
Chris: "boop..."
by My Pseudonym January 31, 2005
33 76