2 definitions by my pies are piff

when you are kissing on a girl and take her hand and put it on your meat to gauge her reaction. if she starts rubbing its time to take your pants off. if she's like ewww you gotta pull some stank shit like "woah what are you doing. your nasty."
man 1: man i couldn't stand jodi's man face kissing on me last night so i meat checked her and got some brains
man 2: ewww i wouldn't hit that with a 10 ft pole
by my pies are piff December 31, 2005
When you are fucking a chick from the back and put you're knees on the back of her calves so her legs fall asleep. After you finish beating it up, you kick her side to knock her over. When she tries to chase you after that she just falls down because her legs are asleep.
I was bored when I was fucking Amy so I gave her the ole beat n' boot and that shit made for a hilarious night.
by my pies are piff December 15, 2009

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