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1 definition by my name should

allison munn is the actress who played Cindy in the show
Carpoolers, and who played Tina Haven in the show What I Like About You. She also played Fez's crazy girlfriend Caroline in That 70s show. She is not known by many people.
i think she is worth checking out if you have not seen her.
she has an ass that would make jlo jealous, and a pretty face and a good body to go with it. she will turn 34 this year but she looks like she is 19!!!!!!!!

unfortunately, she was recently married.

born: October 7, 1974 in Columbia, SC
height: 5' 2"
race: really hot white chick
hair: brown (once was dyed red, but is currently blonde)
allison munn can be seen in the show what i like about you on abc, and the soon to bee released dvd of the show carpoolers among others.
by my name should June 27, 2008