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America's greatest cultural invention
This party sucks, lets go to TGI Friday's
by mwink0419 June 01, 2011
the act of ejaculating a very long distance and your jizz travels in perfectly straight line at a very high rate of speed, destroying everything in its path.
"Sam, how did you get this hole in your bedroom wall."

"Oh, last night I unloaded a jizz laser."
by mwink0419 May 30, 2011
the act of unloading a huge wad of jizz on to a criminal or other wrongdoer in order to bring them to justice. It is usually a last resort and can only be performed by those who have large sperm reserves and precision accuracy with their nightstick.
If it was not for Sam unloading his wad of justice on that murderer, we would have got killed. Ya, it was a great shot. Knocked the murderer right off his feet then it glued him to the floor.
by mwink0419 May 30, 2011
when a person writes a blog or is a member of a social networking site but has no life. He/she continually write or post comments about their dog(which no one cares about anyway). All this person ever talks about is their dog because they have no human friends.
"His MySpace page talks more about his stupid dog than it does about him"

Ya, I know. He also has a dog blog and his dog has a Facebook page.
by mwink0419 May 30, 2011
if you have ever watched tv in your life you will know wat im talking about. every single national commercial on television that is thirty seconds or longer always pictures at least one (1) person of a minority. they are usually in the most random spot and predicaments such as: a large black man in the middle of a crowd of young white children, or even a mexican at a bar miztvah.

this is a fun party game if you're ever at a party with no women or booze, heres how to play:
5 points for spotting a black, 10 for a latino, and 15 for an asian, and 100 for all of them together in same commercial
-Great its halftime of the Colts game, lets all play spot the minority to pass the time.

-Did anyone spot the minority of that last commercial?
-I know I did

-Hey sir can you spot the minority-
-Why yes, of course i can.
by mwink0419 November 12, 2011
1-an adjective used to describe a rare Senegalese ethnic group's color of skin. few people are considered Akonic because to break this racial barrier a person must have skin as black as Akon himself. it is impossible to be a darker shade of black than Akon, but African folklore claims anyone who possesses this rare dark skin attribute has incredible musical talents(with the help of synthesizers and autotune).
2-verb, the ability of one to simply shit hit singles out of their asshole and make millions of dollars by dominating the radio and digital downloads. When a person is Akonic they rape the music charts(and 14 year olds) but redeem themselves by writing songs that controlled the 2000's.
1. "did you hear see how black his skin was?. i bet he can ball hard"
- yeah man hes no nigga, hes Akonic.

2. "did you hear his new music? hes gonna be a great singer. he always has new albums and his singles are all over the radio."
-for real tho, hes Akonicing all over the music game and tearing up the charts. where does he pull all of these hit songs out of, his asshole?
by mwink0419 July 12, 2012

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