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1. A general swear word, considered roughly as profane as "cunt" or "Barbara Streisand".

2. An onomatopoeic word approximating the sound of vomiting.

Also: "BOALG's mother" is a being of profound stupidity and ugliness, weighing in at a tad over 200kg, with its anus stretched open raw and red due to the massive amount of anal penetration it has received. To be compared to "BOALG's mother" is an insult of the highest degree, one that functions on all different levels.
1. Mrs s4001: Um, yeh, I dropped your down the stairs and the neck broke.
s4001: Fuck! Cunt! BOALG!

2. Saul T. Nads: Man, check out this awesome underage rape fetish video I found! It shows their wounds and everything!
doomed-4-life: BOALG *vomits*

3. You are cheap whore, like BOALG mother!
by mutant! August 27, 2006
Leetspeak version of haxor.
by mutant! August 13, 2006

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