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A place of endless turmoil where the only treasure you will find is in a local tundra wookies meat wallet. On the greatest of occasions you will be able to partake in a platoon push on one of the aforementioned tundra wookies in the asbestos filled barracks. Occasionally you will run into a moose while in the field and do nothing but drink your sorrows away during the never ending winter
I took it personally when the army sent me to Fort Wainwright
by muskrat mayhem June 25, 2010
When the majority or entire infantry platoon runs a train a random whore
Hey man wasn't that platoon push awesome last night?

Yeah it was sweet, but I was last so i had to rub one side of her vag becasue she was so spread open.
by muskrat mayhem June 25, 2010

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