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A rich suburb outside of San Jose, California, filled with rich, boring, ugly, people.
The asian teenagers rule the high school, making white teenagers the minority, therefore being discriminated against. Even though the asians rule Saratoga, they tend to be boring and study non stop and consider an A- failing. Since the asian students, who take up over 65% of the student body, are so focused on only academics, it causes the sports teams to all suck.
All the teenagers dress preppy in Hollister and Abercrombie, and if they don't, they get made fun of for not being preppy like the rest of them.
Also in the town, there are many elderly people who you don't see come out of their houses much, but who can blame them since there is nothing to do in Saratoga. Downtown Saratoga is filled with overpriced restaurants and nail salons run by people who speak with such thick accents you cannot tell what they are trying to ask.
Saratoga is a ridiculously boring town.
by musicaddict July 18, 2008

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