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An over size gas guzzler sherman tank utility vehicle owned by suburban retards that need to feel big .The suv is more of a vehicle of living up to a lifestyle and being trendy.The type of people that own these vehicles have to keep up with the Jones.These vehicles are owned among soccer moms that need a gas guzzler sherman tank to haul rugrat brats to soccer practice,go to pta meetings or a grocery getter.It does not make sense to have an offroad 3 ton 4 wheel drive vehicle that drive on asphalt roads majority of its life.It does not snow year round.Most suvs won't hit the dirt road or the mud pit. Most of the oversize suvs get terrible fuel milage of 13 mpg in city and 18 mpg in highway.Suvs have became ugly boxy vehicles that have no character that is lame as the owner. You are what you drive.If suvs would be eliminated the roads wouldn't be as cluttered,would conserve on fuel and would be alot of cooler vehicles on the road.
Sherman tank gas guzzler utility vehicle -suv
soccer utilty vehicle-suv
supersize utility vehicle-suv
suburban urban vanity - suv
by musclecar man November 11, 2009
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