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cd rom comes from the orginated term of death metal
death metals gross so we wont go there just yet
but yes lets talk about death metal death metal is the political excuse for a reason to scream and shout and make the whole world kill themselves because they cant sing
sad excuse its true but lets get back to the rom maaaaaaaaan
a mix between cd 'bumpin' and rom
rom comes from 'tom' because 'tom' invented the turn table (aka the mix table, aka the love table aka Y6O AMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAM) anddddddddd i just peed my pants
SORRY IM SOO SOOORRRY ill but this is really not really going on really.
its a bird! its a plane!...........oh its just crimsen. AND HER CD ROM
by murrel (aka crimsen) October 10, 2006

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