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To bear an uncanny resemblance to Australian Idol star, Guy Sebastion.
Goks get all the ladies.
by mung May 07, 2004
The mating call made by a rare breed of animal known as the 'Spaniard-cubanius oldus grandmadios' Repeated several time during takeoff this high pitched whine scares away most of its prey. It usually flaps its wings while screaming at the top of its lungs and running in circles. This species is usually found in sub-tropical areas in surrounding publix supermarkets and enjoys to instigate fights, enter prohibited areas, and mumbling prayers to those who listen. Be wary of its painfull bite, like a shark this animal leaves in teeth in its prey and can always bother its medical insurance for a new pair. This creature is deaf by its own choice and improves its eyesight one eye at a time.
Devoted workaholic. Loves publix supermarkets.
Experts on this animal suggest you run if its mating call is heard. "YAH! YAH! YAH! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Shortly after this sound is hear expect a sonic boom due to this animals ability to take off at supersonic speeds.
"A unsatisfied Cable Client:While watching a documentary on this animal on the Discovery channel, My TV sets speakers broke due to the Sonicboom caused by this creature after it cried out it's making call and took off at mach2"

Confusius say:"YAH YAH YAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

For more information see 'Spaniard-cubanius oldus grandmadios'
by Mung August 02, 2003
When, in preparation for coitus, a man applies chewing tobacco to the skin of his erect penis, whereupon the receptive sexual partner smasms from the tobacco- thus leading to a very niceorgasm for the man (though it stings a bit)
She didn't even see it coming, but when I slipped her the cajun hot stick, her ass clamped down like a bear trap.
by mung April 25, 2003
A game for unco ordinated idiots who cannot play football(soccer) or any other decent contact sport (Rugby League, AFL)

Only america cares about this piece of shit sport.

american football lovers are characterised by a desire to put down soccer. mainly because they don't have a hope of dribbling the ball with their feet past other players and smashing a rocket shot into the top corner. The american football fan is likely to be a dumbass red neck with as much brains as a cucumber.
"Hey Billy-Jane, lets play us some american fooosball."

"Nuuuuh, Mary-Bobby-Joe, i got me some rabbit hunting to do."

Bystander "American football, the biggest piece of shit in the world, AUSTRALIA RULES FUCKERS!"

by MUNG June 11, 2004

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