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A "chav gang" is a bunch of people who are dragging our planet down. They have the intellegance of a Scrotum and have the vocabulary of a retard. They spend their day outside the local shop asking innocent people to go in and buy tobacco and alcohol for them. If you refuse to go in then you will be attacked with a bunch of words that nobody has ever heard before and eventually you will be headbutted by the group leader (the kid in the stripey jumper). Chavs spend their weekends getting as drunk as possible off cider which they have bought with their mothers prostitution money. A chav will wear cheap clothes which they think looks "wikid init!". The main chav clothes are TN hats, Stripey "Teddy Baker" sweaters and Nike TN Trainers... If you ever see a gang like this and you dont feel like being abused then run because they only attack when they are in numbers an you are not.
"Eyaar yo go int shop for me lad"
"sorry mate im busy"
"you fuckin wat!!!"
"Move you chav"
"Ill headbutt you in a minute init bling bling"

Chav Gang
by mufcryan May 25, 2008

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