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3 definitions by mtr89123

A man or woman, who has child after child, with no regards to how that child is supported or raised--usually resulting in said child becoming a criminal later on in their life.
LeBron and Velveeta are such criminal breeders. He has 11 kids and she has 7 and neither of them has ever worked a day in their lives. It won't be long before those kids are serving time.
by mtr89123 July 01, 2011
Refers to the fact that a person does not/did not have a father figure in their life.
LeBron is a self-centered asshole because he was raised by a welfare-whore mom and lived in a baby-daddy-less home.
by mtr89123 June 15, 2011
A Latino, Mexican, Central American, etc. girl who sneaks into the U.S. with the sole intention of having a baby--by any means necessary, so that she can take advantage of the U.S. welfare, school, health-care systems.

See term "anchor baby" for further relevance.
Have you driven by the welfare office lately? The whole lot is filled up with anchor-sluts and their anchor-babies. It is disgusting.
by mtr89123 June 15, 2011