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These people are usually well accepted by society but don't realize society is a man made way of getting along with each other that has been taken waaay too far. Most of these people thrive because of society and not themselves but people have a tendency to give in to keep society going for their own comfort.
People would rather be around a person who makes them comfortable and numb(popular) than one who is realistic and truly aware of the big picture.
by mrsm83 December 09, 2010
Most popular people are predictible. I have a history with one and this person was the tattle tale as a child making me look like the bad guy all the time. So I think it's fair to say if anyone is being unfairly accused of who they are, it's the outcasts, sorry i know you think it's typical for someone to say that but how why is it that when someone craves attention, and then get the attention they don't like think the people giving it are jealous or don't understand? It comes with the territory and I think it's just as unfair to accuse someone of being jealous simply for not agreeing with your robotic philosophy. And if that is unfair then why are those of you who support these popular unfair to the outsiders by saying they annoy you when you don't know them at all and probably wouldn't care to get to know them. I don't think we are all individuals but if you are going to strive for something why not strive for being you instead of being "you" to everybody else (except those that don't agree with you?) And another thing is I have never really been in a fight with a popular person because even though I might make them angry they won't confront me. However if they piss me off I will be more than happy to confront them and more. .
1) He/she is popular because they are themself and nice and genuine to everyone so everyone likes them

me-i am too and i am more original too but people don't like me because success breeds enemies whereas failure breeds friends

2)Popular person says to other popular person "man that dude is lame he doesn't even try to be popular, he pisses me off"-that's where it usually ends kind of anticlimatic

3)Popular person thinks it's ok to step on my toes to be cute

Me-Keep pushing my buttons, you think because I am tolerant and genuinely nice to you that I won't kill you you are a fool who needs a reality check- this one usually ends with them running their mouths and doing nothing but twisting the scenario to where I'm the bad guy as usual for responding to their bullshit, if they don't have protection (other people around them) they might continue to talk shit but piss me off enough and they will get hurt- and no they can't hold their own like they think or say they can they cry like a bitch when they see what pain feels like
by mrsm83 December 09, 2010

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