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Any large, hillclimb that requires skill and brute hosrepower to successfully negotiate.
We went to Dove Springs and saw many riders attempting to climb Horsepower Hill.

Just about every motorcycle riding area has its own 'horsepower hill'.
by mreverting September 08, 2007
New motorcycle riding appearal received during or shortly after Christmas. Easily recognised by its clean, unused appearance at the track or OHV park.
Look at all these camp riding spodes sittng around not wanting to dirty their Christmas gear.
by mreverting September 08, 2007
Any motorcycle/ATV trail consisting of a mile or more of steep humps packed close together mostly around 2 feet tall.
This morning we took a wrong turn on the trail and ended up riding 'whoops for days'.
by mreverting September 08, 2007
Origin. Redneck slang. "Both of them are..."

When a pair of people, animals, places or things obtain the same present tense status.
Redneck #1 : Hey Wilbur, are those two tractors running yet?

Redneck #2: Yeah, boatem mar.
by mreverting January 25, 2010
Any mechanical apparatus that a Godard has attempted to repair and instead caused it to permanently fail.
That incompetent mechanic G'd up my vehicle.
by mreverting September 08, 2007

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