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87 definitions by mrclean

A religion that lots of jerks denigrate because they think it makes them into big men (or women) and that it makes them popular. In reality all it does is make these people look as ignorant and intolerant as those they denigrate.
In other words, it looks like it takes one to know one.
by MrClean March 16, 2005
246 177
A ruler of an Empire.
What George W. Bush fancies himself to be.
by MrClean March 05, 2005
259 206
A mucus like substance that the Republican party is built out of.
There are many, many examples of Republican slimeballs.
by MrClean March 13, 2005
602 594
A method of winning an election whereby votes are illegaly discounted, reducing the number of votes against the candidate. Or winning an election by illegaly adjusting the number of votes upwards so a winning candidate has more votes than they actually received.
George W. Bush became the current occupant of the White House through voter fraud.
by MrClean February 09, 2006
219 209
Another nickname for the Italian Cardinal Camillo Ruini. Ruini has been given this nickname along with his Cardinal Rovini due to his political interference in other countries which at times is damaging to the church itself.
Ruini is getting called Cardinal Ruins because in some ways he is ruining the church.
by MrClean March 03, 2006
1 3
A state that has given us people who have caused so much misery and death that it's not even funny.

A state that if it fell into the ocean tommorrow there would be a shout of joy throughout the world even louder than the the one heard at the end of World War II.

A state who if World War III starts will be able to say that the people responsible for starting the war from their state.

A state where if bullshit was snow it'd be buried in about 30 or 40 feet of it throughout the state.
Texas has given us the likes of George W. Bush and Tom DeLay. People of Texas probably feel proud that their "native sons" have caused so much misery and death through out the world.
by MrClean February 08, 2006
278 292
A bad football team. The only thing that they have is Brett Farve and those chesehead fans.
A good football season is when the Packers don't make it all the way through the playoffs.
by MrClean March 04, 2005
193 231