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the way i feel when im around Nicolle!
damn EVAN i feel wonderfuliest must be because nicolles here! isnt she gorgeous
by Mr. Wiggles December 24, 2004
When your mad or just straight up crazy. Yell this at gay men.
You fag. Ki-mi-kali!!!!!!!
by mr. wiggles December 17, 2004
It means what ever the fuck evan meant it to mean. Origin: from evan didnt i just say that dumb ho
schmeek SCHMEEK schmeeken my nigga.
by mr. wiggles December 15, 2004
A bad smell for your dick when not cleaning it well.
Dude Bill was talking about how he had some bad dill funk.
by Mr. Wiggles June 27, 2004
its a great school to learn alot about God, and yes God is great! read the bible, if not.. well ill wave to you from heaven.
You can learn alot at Collegedale Academy.
by Mr. Wiggles June 08, 2004
A great place, tons of happy people and its a great place to have freinds and family. Some day i hope to have my family there.
I love Collegedale :)
by Mr. Wiggles June 08, 2004
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