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Once worshiped as a God of ancient man, Veram came down from the heavens and took human form during the turn of the millennium. He was fond of mankind, and wish to show them the ways of the Gods. While amongst his bipedal brethren, Veram showed his mighty powers through the popular video game Halo 2, defeating three of them alone in capture the flag on Coagulation. He later owned them in Risk and took hundreds of dollars from them in Texas Hold 'em. Don't let a sucker keep his money he said... Soon after, Veram departed from them to go own more people in a foreign place called "The Land Of Enchantment".....

Veram can also be used as an adjective for someone who excels, or rapes at almost everything he does.

Example 1
Taylor: "Veram, please teach me your ways of owning people"
Veram: "Hush my child. You know where to meet me. 7 O'clock. Ill show you everything. Don't look in my file..."

Example 2
Tyler: "Jeremy you lost Matt five dollars."
Taylor: "Yeah Jeremy, why cant you be more like Veram"
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by mr. veram June 22, 2008
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