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ok here it goes..

an emo kid is mostly a sad pathetic loser who lives in their bedrooms wrighting depressing lyrics or poems and then cutting them selves because the emotional pain turns to physical pain or sum bullshit like that. they listen to depressing music which has lyrics that are sad about something like a girlfriend who has dumped them and they want to tell the whole world about it when no one really cares. mostly they dye there hair a dark colour and/or have blonde or some light colour streaked into it. as for the cloths most of the time they will wear tight t-shirt ( atticus maybe or a band t-shirt ) they wear eye liner, if they wear glasses then theyll be thick rimmed balck ones. at a consert most emos will just stand there and listen to the music ( to all you emos if you want to do that then dont waste the bands time just stay the fuck at home . at night they come out of there emotional shell and listen to even more depressing music and cut them selves thinking its not worth living because my life suck blahblahblah. then they will fail and CRY SOME MORE . they will tell all of the people they know that they want to die.
emo kid: what is the point of living any more i hate my life
and i hate my parents and i hate all the people
around me *teartear*

pissed off
friend that
has had enough : ARG go for it then no one actually cares
of there moaning about your problems we have our own. WE
and bitching DO NOT CARE

emo kid: fine then will. i shall rid my self from this cruel
world *sniffsniff*

whole world: YYYAAAYYY
by mr. hater June 08, 2006

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