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Said when one has absolutely nothing to say and has to say something as when you are daydreaming at an office meeting and suddenly realise that all eyes are upon you and that someone has asked you a question while you were in la la land.
Angry policeman: "The whole building is on fire, the third floor has exploded, there is absolute chaos everywhere, and I find you standing here with that detonator in your hands. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY FOR YOURSELF!!??"

Guilty guy: "Nooty tooties"
by Mr. Happy March 23, 2005
the greatest fucking things ever made next to food
"fuck homework. I'm playing videogames."
by mr. happy April 17, 2004
Word used to casually poopoo or discredit someone's embellished, exagerated claims.
Guy full of hot air: "...and then I reeled in this 6 foot long salmon single-handedly while fighting off that drunken pirate with the other hand!"

Bored incredulous guy: "Mnyes."
by Mr. Happy March 23, 2005
no place like home, bitch
i like sleeping at home
by mr. happy April 12, 2004
someone who doesn't work for anything in their idea of a life
"That nig over there won't do anything! What a lazy fucking bastard."
"Same with that beaner sitting on the corner."
by Mr. Happy June 17, 2006
where a couple of fuck-ups killed a bunch of people at school and caused a national outrage in which the senators started bitching about movies and music and videogames again. fuck the senators.
"i belive videogames are the source of these shootings"- bitch ass senator
by mr. happy April 12, 2004

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