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like a valley girl, but a guy. Usually very attractive and also kind of flighty. Has "slow moments" and is usually white and says worlds such as like, totally and omg.
did you see that valley girl?
no but i saw that valley guy! and he was just like her only a guy
by mr. c town June 14, 2008
bisexual + pirate = birate! a bisexual pirate consisting of two main hotties a male and female. Who sail aboard the ship, the black fag, and pick up only the most attractive bisexual guys and girls so that they may both be satisfied throughout eternity as they sail around only the most tropical waters, drinking booze and smoking pot.
wait. what did you say you guys were?
we're amanda and nick, birates who sail aboard the black fag looking for hot bi people to add to our crew
by mr. c town June 14, 2008
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