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It is a oversized nutt sack that looks like it belongs under a turkeys neck.
I bet if that guy falls in the water his gobbler sack will make him float.
by mr. aric burns May 03, 2010
Chieva is a form of greeting someone by cupping your hand and slapping their chest.
I was walking by mom, and she caught off gaurd with a chieva. So, I had to give her a melvin.
by Mr. aric burns April 26, 2010
Thunder sack is when a man is sitting down, and blows ass so hard it rumbles his balls.
I was sitting on the couch the other day, and made a nice thunder sack.
by mr. aric burns May 23, 2011
A bastard fart is when a lady quiefs, and a cum bubble comes out.
She was just laying there, and she turned to me and said that was definetly a bastard fart.
by mr. aric burns May 23, 2011
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