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3 definitions by mr soybot

A state of mind in which one farts in public without caring if anyone around them hears it.
Danny showed some serious Fartitude by loudly dropping ass in the middle of church.
by mr soybot January 21, 2007
The upper level of seating sections at veteran's stadium, former home of the philadelphia eagles. Well known for rowdy behavior of the fans in said sections. Very bad idea to wear an opposing team's colors up there.
Dude, i miss the 700 level. Fans at the linc are a bunch of pussies.
by mr soybot October 21, 2006
Delicious Beverage that probably will cause you to do something you'll regret later.
Guy #1: Dude what happened last nite?
Guy #2: Um... You went 5 RBVs deep and tried to fight the football team.
Guy #1: Oh...
by mr soybot October 21, 2006