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a very large or obese possum, generally has anger problems, known as a mr krum to some people.
known for attacking people relentlessly while screaming "unt unt unt unt!"
unt unt unt unt unt unt! the unticus screams while decapitating a small child...
what an angry unticus
by mr krum August 28, 2010
a rather large or obese possum, has anger problems know as a unticus to many. known for attacking while screaming unt unt unt unt!!!
aaron: hey what is that?
steve: that looks like.... mr krum?
aaron: oh my god it is! run! run! run!
steve: come on move it faster!
aaron: im too slow go on without me....
steve: fine, goodbye!
aaron: argh!!!!
(aaron screams as he decapitated and consumed)
untcus/mr krum: unt! unt! unt! unt!
(10 minutes later)
steve: i think im safe....
( there is a noise in the bush)
steve: what was that?? oh no! oh god no! please spare me!!
unticus/mr krum: unt unt unt!!
steve: argh!!!
(meanwhile somewhere across town dean punches anoher steve in the face for no reason which kills him)
by mr krum September 09, 2010
to dean is to be
1: a martial arts god
2: vicious towards annoying people
3: known for hurting people and being friends with the unticus.
1) aaron: wow look at that guy he is such dean
steve: yeah he is pretty godly with his fighting
2) (aaron walks into a dean purposely)
aaron: sorry i didn't see you there....
(aaron wakes up in hospital, his skull is very badly caved in)
3) steve: hey aaron is that guy over there a dean?
aaron: yes i think so, he is friends with that unticus, hi dean!!
dean: hi....

dean: hey unticus, should we hurt aaron???
Unticus: unt! unt! unt! unt!
(dean walks up behind aaron, roundhouse kicks him to the back of the head, aaron is dazed..... unticus walks up to aaron and begins to decapitate him while aaron screams)
aaron: argh!!!!
unticus: unt! unt! unt! unt
by mr krum September 01, 2010
1) young humans
2) annoying
3) the favoured meal of the unticus
4) peadophile lure
1) look thats a young person! wow
2) aaron: man that kid is annoying the way it cries all the time...
dean: don't worry i'll deal with it
(dean walks up to the child, picks it up and hands it to the mother..)
dean: please shut it up.
mother: how dare you!!
dean: HOW DARE ME!!!!!!!
( the mother stares dean out, then receives a roundhouse kick to the face, she drops)
aaron: hahahahahahahahha!
(dean picks up the baby and hurls it at aaron, aaron falls to the ground after receiving head trauma)
(dean punches steve in the face, killing him)
dean: man!! kids are annoying.
3) when the unticus is hungry they travel to find schools, because they love eating children, when they catch one they decapitate it while screaming unt unt unt unt!!
unticus: unt unt unt!
4) police: sir you are under arrest!
aaron: why???
police: we witnessed you take the bait.
aaron: what???
police: the child.
aaron: ohh!! i understand
police: your going away for a long time..
(after three years of hard time aaron was killed by another inmate called dean)
by mr krum September 08, 2010

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