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Acronym for "quote this if you're down," used on forums when you want to see how many people agree.
USER 1: "let's ban that guy, qtiyd"
USER 2: "USER 1 posted: let's ban that guy, qtiyd"
#quote #acronym #forum #byob #quotin dis
by mr derp January 30, 2008
A slang term for a prominent member of the nazi party. Usually associated with someone performing a callous or cruel act, or insult which is particularly cutting. This is can only be used on blonde girls of small stature with a rack out of proportion with their height.
Jesus, that was hurtful. Is it alex staff day or something?
#hitler #nazi #fascist #victor of the french #frodo #hobbit
by Mr Derp February 26, 2012
Someone who doesn't know a thing about computers/technology, more specifically Macs/Ipods. Sometimes, even though they clearly don't, they'll continue to lie about their intelligence using a computer. See alternate definitions of e-tard.
1. Jim just said he's upgrading to a 32MB hard drive so he can "play games better." What an i-tard.

2. Dude, Jason just asked what the difference was between Y2K and MP3, because he's getting an Ipod today. Spoiled ass i-tard.
#e-tard #tard #retard #ipod #itard
by mr derp January 27, 2006
Slutty high heels, like those bright red ones. Often seen on girls in need of or in pursuit of a good old fucking.
Look at those chase me fuck me's on that hottie over there. I'm all over it.
#high heels #chase me fuck mes #slutty #do mes #shoes
by mr derp August 26, 2007
Combination of the words "food" and "acne." Describes the food stains on somebody's face after eating something messy, giving a zit-like appearance on their chin. Usually, the person has no idea.
Hey, check out the facne on that fatass in the corner...what a pig.
#fatne #foodne #fatcne #factne #food
by mr derp June 10, 2006
Combination of the two words "fucking hunch." A negative hunch, assumption, or guess.
I got a funch tomorrow is really gonna blow.

I had a funch something shitty like this would happen.
#fucking #hunch #guess #assume #assumption
by mr derp April 16, 2006
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