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ok...so i am a laker, ill admit that. im also going to admit that mountain lakes is one of the best towns ever. almost everyone here loves it. you walk through the town and people have orange and blue like its their job. people here have so much pride and love representing their town.
as for the boonton townshippers not liking it here, that is not true at all. im friends with many of them and they like it just as much as we do. ok of course theres an acception to this like there is everywhere, but everyone has acceptions.
as for all you people dissing mountain lakes, GET A LIFE. just because we live in a great town with great people, doesnt mean you have to diss it. so what if i have a couple northfaces and ribbons...northfaces are really warm and are awesome coats, ribbons are pretty and add fun to your hair, so HA.
as for the girls who wake up at 5 to do their makeup...thats about 3 girls in our school, and nobody likes them. those are the girls that wear too much bronzer and look like oompa-loompas. most of the girls i know, including me, wake up at 730 when school starts at 8 and dont even wear makeup most of the time. there are many naturally beautiful people who dont need makeup to look pretty.
like the other person said about our parents being rich, i totally agree, they went to college and worked hard for it and deserve everything they have. and the "shitty" houses in the village, really arent that shitty, they are a little smaller than the rest of the houses, but the inside to most of em are actually quite nice and more expensive then a big house in any other town.
most of the guys are not cocky, there are like 2 that are and everyone knows they are so it doesnt matter. most of the guys here are very nice and good-looking and caring, especially towards girls...
the girls are the same way. we have our quirks like every town, and we have our bitches and our weirdos...but so does everyone else. you cant say that you dont have these people either, because you know that you do. the girls here are generally very nice and pretty and dress well and are everything but slutty...
and that is our town, take it or leave it, but dont diss it...cuz if you do, you will have about 4,000 lakers chasing after you...
mountain lakes is awesome, dont ever say differently
by mountain lakes rocks April 10, 2005

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