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A sex move invented by my ex-roomate Harry. This is when you wake a girl up, just in time for her to be awake when you cum either on her face or on her chest.
Dude, that bitch had it coming, so I pulled a Harry on her in the morning.
by Moses February 04, 2004
A very very cool guy, with a penis the size of Nebraska (The Springsteen album... since it's an LP, it has a diameter of 12"). He's hot, he's cool... he's just so "very".

Also known as a "Reybee".
I wish I were Rey
by Moses January 14, 2004
1) Real anti-Americans are those that hate the United States to the point where they are willing to perform acts of treason and/or terrorism. (To state the blatantly obvious, see Osama bin Laden. I hate myself)
2) Those who have been labeled anti-American for disagreeing with the policies of the government and the President. (At the risk of sounding partisan, Michael Moore. I think he really does love the U.S.)
1) Why did I have to pander and say bin Laden... why?
2) Just because you love America doesn't mean you can't be ashamed of it.
by Moses September 14, 2004
A person who advocates immediate, drastic change, often using violence. On far left of political spectrum, opposite of a reactionary.
Why do people not like the concept of revolutions in other countries? The United States was created because of a revolution, and we turned out alright.
by Moses June 16, 2004
see logical.
The ability to reason. A quality lacking in most. A good rule of thumb is, those who claim to be rational are the least rational. Virtually non-existant in political circles worldwide. While not important to happiness, the world needs rational people to function. No one knows why.
Hey man, i'm the most rational mofo in here.
Oh no you ain't.
by Moses June 16, 2004
The creator of Pokemon the anime and the game.
"It's Satoshi Tajiri the creator of Pokemon!"
by moses September 07, 2004
The condition of believing that one group, most often one the prejudor belongs to, is superior to another group. Most often applies in a negative manner, against those of different race, religion, creed, and nationality. see stereotype, anti-semetism, racism.
Hating people because they're black, gay, Jewish, Muslim, or whatever doesn't make much sense. You can easily find ways to hate people on an individual basis.
by Moses June 16, 2004
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