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Although it has been said lewelen is too unique to be defined, she is found to be a natural beauty from the inside out with a heart that is benevolent toward the poor & needy. She cannot see her beauty... but if someone were to stare long enough, they would indeed fall in love with the splendor of her green eyes and sweet, yet mischevious smile.
They would sense that she finds others are more beautiful and deserving, than she.

The dip at the base of her spine, the place on her hips where you can easily catch hold, the place where her heart is under her skin, just beneath her ribcage... would make a holy man want to stray from his vows. When she looks at you, your heart skips a beat.

Did you just hear the melody of angels... that was your name departing her lips. Did you feel you were falling... that was she, touching your skin. Your stomach in knots, your heart lifting off... that was her kiss. Make love to her and you will be her only existence... When she says, "I love you", that warm feeling is her sunlight exploding from within... Her heart is filled with light, that she isn't afraid to show to the world… and she shares it with those she holds dear; the people she loves. Her heart delights to see you smile.
lewelen has also been described as warm, inclusive and wise; beautiful, funny and kind. She is the ‘sunshine’.
by mornin sunshine December 05, 2011

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