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3 definitions by mormdav

when a girl in a bikini lies down and her hip bones protrude well past their flat stomach causing their bikini bottom to stretch across and gap is formed for a beautiful view of their vaginal front also referred to as hood.
When I see a bikini bridge It makes my whole day better!
by mormdav April 24, 2009
197 76
the pubic hair that is supposed to hide the vagina from direct view usually triangular in appearance on the hood but less hairy than the unkempt retro-bush but slightly more than the landing strip.
When at the nude beach Mike Hunt prefers natures veil over the fleshy bald va-jay jay
by mormdav April 24, 2009
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stocking the pond, dropping the kids off at the pool, etc. slang phrase for deification
Where's john... oh he's out staining porcelain
by mormdav April 24, 2009
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